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Our collective mindset is our greatest asset

What We Do

 1. Developing and supporting Creative Concepts with an African percept to meet global standards.

2.To do a critical policy analysis that can independently inform policy formation for National development in Ghana and Beyond.

3. To forecast and predict the trends of the political economic policy and its long and short term effects within African Nations.

4. To bring to the attention of the citizenry about their role in national development individually through the organization of seminars and other events.

 5. Building a collective mindset towards the developments of the  talents and Assets of the  Africa Citizenry

Our Programs

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African Renaissance Program(AREP)

African Renaissance Program is set to focus on communicating the need for the revival of the spirit of the African people and direct it towards putting Africa in its respective place in the world. To acknowledge Africa's Greatness and Great People, their talents, their genus in Academia, innovation, and Power. To restore the spirit of African Leadership.

Consolidation of African Resource Program (CARP)

Consolidation of African Resource is set to protect the treasures of Africa for the future generations. This will includes ways and means by which the African people can come to mind of the fact that their strength is in their treasure. It will see how we can conserve African resources in a global world.

African Awards Scheme(AAS)

African Award Scheme will take the best spacemen of human kind to allocate an award scheme to promote African ingenuity, responsibility, creativity, talents and Leadership open to all.

Rediscovery Of African Economy(RAEC)

This program is to let the African people know what the have to offer for an exchange, what to consume, what to keep, what to grow. What we have, what we want, and what we can give for Africa and the world to be a better place.

Naeem Ahmed Abdul Ghafaar (Executive Director of Ainets) launch the maiden edition of his book, titled “IMAGINATION: A Force of Attraction and Creativity”

IMAGINATION: A Force of Attraction and Creativity

According to the author whatever image that a person is holding in the mind is at some distance away from the person, and that imagination will cause the person to move in the line of thoughts to close the gap between himself and the object viewed in the mind's eye. Naeem Ahmed noted: "As a nation or as individuals, it is only changed in mindset that can lead to change in condition". Explaining the process of creativity, the author explains why objects come into being and the methods by which they come into existence. All existence that occurs through imagination is engineered and originated in the mind, where imagination becomes a force of attraction influencing human behaviour and compels the mind to spawn thoughts into tangible forms. click below to buy the book from the various stores.

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